Hostile Wheels

Hostile Wheels

Hostile Wheels For more than 3 years, Hostile Wheels has been individualizing Off-Road vehicles. Since 2012 we are recognized by our customers to bring individuality and passion to you off-road vehicle.
At Hostile Wheels everything revolves around aggressive off-road lifestyle from our latest design to our technical research to make every optical modification to your vehicle the very best. In our facility individuality is conceived in perfection from single details to full blown project trucks.

Combining high-tech design and manufacturing we build truly unique wheels at the highest quality. It is this quality and styling that is building this brand worldwide.
Wheels and suspension upgrades, grilles and apparel we transform your lifestyle to new levels of individuality.

Road Street Race (RSR) within its global line of wheels marked its debut during the November 4-7, 2014, SEMA Show in Las Vegas. RSR is the first luxury marque to enter the MKW family of wheel brands and has an extensive upscale line with bolt patterns that will fit Audi, Mercedes, VW, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lexus, Infinity, most Japanese brands & Mustang vehicles.
RSR brings both street and race versions to market with three different construction levels that offer the ability for a staggered set-up and include cast wheels with high-end finishing. RSR lines include:
Road Series — boasting a flat face, allowing for big brake upgrades and larger brake calipers;
Sreet Series – an upgrade in both lifestyle and design – offers a mid-range face that will come standard for street design;
Race Series – higher technology, lighter weight, forged aluminum and custom-built wheel — sports a deeper face profile that works well with rear wheels; utilizes a flow-form manufacturing technique that takes a cast aluminum wheel and lightens it by 30 percent.

MAK Wheels
Born in Italy MAK S.p.A. turns twenty four in 2015 celebrating a very important goal. The company was born from a joint venture between two business identities, the former operating in the metallurgic production field, the latter featuring a strong commercial activity in the automotive world. MAK is a well-known brand both on national and International markets today and it is recognized as a wheels design trend-setter that always shows innovative and state-of-the-art styles.

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