Amp Terrain Attack M/T A

Amp Terrain Attack M/T A

Amp Terrain Attack M/T A Amp Tires offers the best choices for drivers who require high-traction tires that won’t lose their grip. From an M/T tire that has a tread pattern designed specifically with off-road enthusiasts in mind to an A/T tire designed for individuals who do a bit of everything – AMP has the right tires for everyone. Get a grip and attack the terrain with AMP Tires!

Amp Terrain Attack M/T A

The all-new AMP Terrain Pro A/T delivers a longer tread life and withstands demanding environments. With deep, multi-function tread grooves it provides enhanced traction in a wide variety of conditions while delivering a smooth and controlled ride. A broad selection of sizing and a 60,000 mile warranty drive the Terrain Pro A/T to be the leader of the pack.

Now available in 24LT sizes for 16” to 24f” wheels

With an off-road attitude and smooth on-road characteristics, the AMP Terrain Attack A/T A is the ultimate adventure tire. The performance tread design features a multi-block pattern that delivers stable control in a wide variety of environments and terrain. Equipped with a large selection of sizing and a 40,000 mile warranty, let the Terrain Attack take you on every journey.

Now available in 14LT sizes for 17” to 22” wheels

The AMP Terrain Attack M/T is designed to perform in the most extreme conditions while offering improved grip and handling for better on-road performance. The 3-ply “A” logo side wall provides biting edges that provide outstanding grip in mud, rock, sand, snow and more. A full range of sizes up to 28 inches tall, the Terrain Attack M/T will conquer anything in its path.

Now available in 26LT sizes for 17” to 28” wheels

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